Football: Ander Herrera denies intentionally spitting on Manchester City badge

Ander Herrera denies spitting on City badge []

Ander Herrera denies spitting on City badge

Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera has denied deliberately spitting on the Manchester City badge on his way out of the field after half time at Etihad Stadium on Saturday’s Derby match against Manchester United.

Television footage filmed the Spanish maestro spitting on the large crest at the turf in front of the entrance to the player tunnel at the Manchester City home ground.

It is reported Manchester City officials believes Herrera’s spat on the crest was deliberate which they see as inappropriate and may forward a complain to the FA which might precede an action if the 28-year-old is found guilty, a believe the united player has reportedly denied.

TV footage shows Herrera spitting on Manchester City’s crest

“Ander has seen the footage of the incident and is mortified at any suggestion that his actions were deliberate. A United spokesperson has said

“It was entirely accidental and there was no intent whatsoever.” He added

United were trailing by 2 goals down at the time this happened but later came back to win 3-2 in the second half of the game to delay City’s Premier League title celebrations.

It means City must now wait for a period of at least two weeks before they can secure the much assured title provided they win their next game

Herrera after been asked what inspired the match after the match revealed that senior players Michael Carrick and Ashley Young rallied their United team-mate during the half-time interval.

It came after Jose Mourinho had urged his players not to end up looking ‘like clowns’ at City’s title celebrations.

United came back from 2-0 down to beat City at The Ethiad.

Herrera said: ‘Of course, the oldest guys with the most experience” after been asked what led United’s half time rally

“Ash (Ashley Young) and Mike (Micheal Carrick) were in the dressing room. They have the power in their words, but everyone was talking. We didn’t talk too much about tactics, just about our pride. Our pride on the pitch and that our fans were going to have a difficult night if we got beaten. We did it for them.

“I was feeling sorry for them in the first half but this is Manchester United and no one should ever underestimate us. This is one of the best and most emotional games in my United career.’

It has been revealed the Football Association will not be investigating the incident, and they will also fine City an automatic £25,000 after they picked up six yellow cards in the match.

Meanwhile, United will not be making a complaint over an allegation that manager Jose Mourinho had a coin thrown at him during second-half injury time.

Manchester United have decided not to pursue the matter further.


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