written by Oshigbesan Adedeji


NOTE: We have learnt about Individualism and there is a lot more to add to it. For example, everyone we have ever met has an element of uniqueness and something we can draw from them. Individualism is a methodological way of appreciating who you are and discovering your God given purpose. Bible Characters proved this one thing, called individualism uniqueness; case studies like Samson, David, King Saul and the Apostles and Christ. Each had something to offer, something to do and something they could relate with, within themselves.

I should take you on a side attraction of some “Individualism Deep Topics” but that will not be today, and not in this article. But I will hint you at what you can expect on “Individualism Deep Topics”. They are, Man Individualism, God Individualism and the Trinity Individualism. These three topics will be dealt with in further editions of Individualism Desire and Temperaments. Today, we will take a look into another title of this article, Desire. Desire placed in the title is essential and must be given a curious look.


Desire is such a strong word when applied to a certain request. It is enough to say you want something. It is obvious if you say you want something desperately because of your willing attitude towards it, but when you say you Desire something, it shows your passionate affection geared with strong will towards that thing. Delayed desire leads to Desperation. To desire is to earnestly hold on to a craving for something or create a passion for something or someone, or a location (travels) animals. You may desire to travel out of the country, maybe go to London for instance; desperation makes you become an immigrant, scouting through the Savannah desert and through the seas with cargoes, without having legal entry into London.

Desperation makes you do things aggressively, to roughshod, others in getting what you want no matter the cost, mostly, the force behind desperation is impatience, and delayed desire is a catalyst. It is different from Desire, desire is mainly positive if managed, but when it is mismanaged, it leads to Desperation which is negative.

Desire defined according to a Mobile Virtual Dictionary puts it this way; (A) To want; to wish for earnestly. (B) To put a request to (someone); to entreat. (C) To want emotionally or sexually. (D) To express a wish for; to entreat; to request. (E) To require; to demand; to claim. (F) To miss; to regret.

In my own opinion, Desire is to lay claim and a heart of ownership on something you want or need without considering the cost. Or, to believe that something is yours without having it at hand Or, to want or need something and claim that it must be yours regardless the cost.

Desire cannot be over-emphasized especially at the rate at which the world is moving, people’s desire on a daily basis grow and change and become more expensive.

Thus, Desire is noted to be a driving force behind choices and decisions on a daily basis and no one is discharge from this claim, not the rich or poor.

Therefore, this study reveals the categories and analysis of Desire, how it affects our individualism, especially our thinking pattern.

To begin with, we have the usual suspects of Desire; The Low Desiree, The Average Desiree, and the Extremist Desiree.

 The Low Desiree;

In this category, we find out that an individual or group of persons (not necessarily related) don’t have the guts to desire for big or expensive things. You might easily say that these set of people don’t have faith, or money to actualize their desired dream or goal. It is not hundred percent true. These groups of persons fall into this category because they have accepted what they have discovered about themselves. People in this group have many factors that make them remain low in their level of desire. For some, it is natural, unconsciously expressed in words and in deeds. They don’t want much out of life, not because they are poor, or lack idea, not because humility is a part of the blueprint of their personality but they don’t understand why they need to desire for big things. They are usually satisfied and comfortable with what they have, no matter how little. If it is based on contentment that they are satisfied with their low level of desire, then, it can be accepted. As it is written in the Bible; “But godliness with contentment is great gain.” (1Timothy 6:6). There is a great gain in contentment, if it is based on the knowledge of Christ that you possess and applying it to reality.

Having a low desire towards life and the kingdom is a crime, especially if you are a Christian. You might want to say that your personality agrees with having a low level of desire. If you must have a low level of desire as a Christian, it must be towards things that do not glorify God and His kingdom. Infact, it is advised that you must never have desires towards Sin, either big or small. Sin is sin and all types and forms of sin leads to Hell, see Romans 6:23. God expects us to have great Desires towards His kingdom. He has given us power like it is recorded in John 1:12. He has given us power to do greater things and gave us a blank cheque to effect that in Mark 11:24.


God never said all things are easy, He said, “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26).

Average Desiree;

Most of us find ourselves in this category. We don’t have low desires, we don’t have high desires, we just don’t want to be thrown out of our average comfort zone and be blamed for being over ambitious or under courageous. Such persons in this category are selective and set limits to their choices. There is always a budget or scale of preference of the list of items that they need to get. Both Low Level Desiree and Average Level Desiree have this budget and scale of preference except the third category, the Extremist Level Desiree. Note; the Average Level Desiree can sometime swap from average to low, depending of the level of faith and challenges they are faced with.

Extremist Level Desiree:

These categories of people push themselves beyond the limits of their capacity, either; spiritual, physical, material and marital to get a certain satisfaction of any effort they put into having their request. They always want to get anything they desire no matter the cost. Not just getting anything, but getting what they want at the apex of object peculiarity. For instance, the latest clothes, bags, shoes, cars, houses, ladies, men and every other thing life can presents. They get their desires in her numbers; in quantity and quality. Ten cars, fifty bags, fifteen houses, e.t.c; they have too much of everything and use less of everything, it comes with this tag, “buy today, give or sell it out tomorrow”. Usually, the temperaments you will find in this category are the extroverts; the Sanguine and Choleric, majorly while the introverts; the Melancholy and Phlegmatic are usually not overly interested in multiple choice.


Individualism Desire is a composite catalyst of the basic human decision factors that predestinate the decisions we make, even if they make or mar us. It is a bench mark for choices people make per time in a life time. As individuals, we have desires’ good or bad, depending on the state of their heart at a moment or knowledge. Life takes us through challenges in phases and our desire to get through with the challenges is linked to the choices we will make. Your individualism desire is a foundation or grass root, a blueprint of pre-made decisions or choices that are to be crafted into reality.

Your Desire is not what you are just thinking at the moment. Infact, it is not a thought that you can toggle with. It is always a predetermined thought except if one accepts to be influenced by external knowledge and revealing understanding on the subject. Take this example; “your favorite car is a Toyota Jeep brand model but your car dealer gave you infallible facts that a Ford Jeep that will suit you.” If you give in into this idea, you have compromised your heartily desire but any day anytime, you will always go for a Toyota. Infact, to buttress this example, if the Ford Jeep should develop any mechanical fault, you are most likely to take harsh decision, to sell it and buy a Toyota Jeep, your first choice and blame your car dealer for preaching to you a gospel you didn’t want to believe, even if the mechanical fault was a minor case.

Individual Desire varies from person to person even if they fall into the same category. There are Four categories of persons that express this type of varying individualism desire and in each of these categories, we’ll have an in look with the categories of the four basic temperaments.

There are the; The One Directional Desiree, – The Two Directional Desiree, – The Multiple Directional Desiree and – The Opportunity Directional Desiree.

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