Funke Akinokun Celebrates Motherhood In New Music Video Titled “My Mother, My Angel”

Official Video: My Mother, My Angel - Funke Akinokun | Gospel Songs Mp3
Gospel Video: My Mother, My Angel – Funke Akinokun

Thriving gospel music minister based in the US, Funke Akinokun, reaches out with this heartfelt song captured in a video celebrating motherhood titled “My Mother, My Angel.”

The song which is produced by Bode Afolabi adopts the storytelling and imagery of video director, Oluyinka Davids for iFocus Pictures. The video feature shots from Nigeria (Otta, Ogun State) and the United States of America.

Speaking about the song, Funke Akinokun opines that; “Words are truly not enough to describe mothers. This song is an expression of gratitude to my mum and to all mothers for their strength and sacrifices.


Our mothers are so universally powerful, that their strength can seem both supreme and customary. Mothers are teachers, and they teach so seamlessly that we don’t realize it until we find ourselves in adulthood with strong values and character.”

She goes further and says, “They smile even when they are sad just to make their children smile too. Mothers are CEOs and their families are the dynamic organizations that they run with warmth and passion. I got a front seat to this unyielding love with my own mother who passed in 2017, inspiring me to write this song.”

“This song is a reminder that nothing replaces a mother’s love. Mothers are celebrated so fervently – so celebrate yours with me every time you hear this song.” – She concludes.

The video features special cameo appearances such as Ibitayo Jeje, Kayode Akinbayo, Femi Micah, Ronke Adesokan, Stacy Egbo, Grace Aina, and Iyen Adekunle.

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