Fusion of Behavioral Pattern


Fusion of Behavioral Pattern

Glory to God for this vivid notification on the human behavioral pattern, He has opened our eyes to see some additional reason why we act the way we do and why we desire the things we want or need.

We have talked about three different behavioral patterns that exist in the human phenomena livelihood. This article contains the final phase of this study called the “Opportunity Stunt Desiree Personality”. First we will have a brief reminder of previous Individualism Desire Personalities phases.

We started by introducing and defining Individualism;

Introduction …

Individualism-Desire, which is also tagged “the Fifth Temperament”, is a new discovery of an integral part of the human nature.

First, when we see the title “Temperament”, what should come to our mind is the popular four different species of human beings living on Earth. They are the Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and the Phlegmatic. These four names were given to the different nature of human behavior and have since proved that human beings have a blueprint reason why they act differently and varyingly in the way we see them do.

Here is Individualism-Desire tagged the fifth temperament is a new dimension of the human nature discovery. It does not stand in the same vein as with the temperament defined and known. It has been discovered that it plays a huge role in affecting each of this temperaments despite their varying degree of temperament actualization.

In the human nature, and in the human body systems, it is known that there are differences and that these differences are at varying degrees. Some people may want to ask the question why humans are different despite having basic and similar nature and environment like, water, air, sun and social vices.

Individualism-Desire copulate with ideas from the well-known temperament theory of identifying why people act the way they do with addition to their taste and desires, which affect why they act the way they do.

Then we asked the question;

What is Individualism?

A virtual mobile dictionary defined Individualism, thus; (A) the tendency for a person to act without reference to others, particularly in matters of style, fashion or mode of thought. (B) The moral stance, political philosophy, or social outlook that promotes independence and self-reliance of individual people, while opposing the interference with each person’s choices by society, the state, or any other group or institution.

Individualism therefore, can be defined as an accepted set of process and principles by which either a person or group of people live in, by belief, education or other factors that bind humanity (food, clothing and shelter).

Therefore, your individualism according to your desire is compromised, because you however did not make that decision according to your personal belief system which is one of the basis of your desire system make up, rather, you made that decision according to how nature presented her logical case to you or external influence.

In this case, you may credit yourself for being realistic in your decision IQ despite your loss on a certain desire but you are wrong and maybe right as well. You are just being a rational human being, capable of making the right choices and not necessarily the best choices. You may make a right choices but it may not be in your best opinion, interest or desire.

Every rational human being should have a scale of preference where items of needs and wants are weighed and valued per time. It is discovered that most of the things we desire always gear towards our endless wants. Therefore we do not often want what we need rather, we turn our superfluous wants into extravagant needs whose source maybe from the boiling point of Desire. Hence, we can’t always chose our desires over important needs, in this case, the individual is disciplined and his desires are in check. By that fact, you will chose what you need and not what you want because of your logical and rational thinking capacity.

Our Individualism vary in degrees, and at this stage, your degree of individualism is built up on your knowledge, accepted truth about life, dreams, desires and aspirations per time. It is the reason why you are different from the over Seven billion people on earth. When it comes to desires, no one is left out, no one is essentially wise or foolish, rather the set of priorities we should have, is a setting benchmark of the things we are allowed to crave and desire for.

We also went further to ask;

What is Desire?

Desire defined according to a Mobile Virtual Dictionary puts it this way; (A) To want; to wish for earnestly. (B) To put a request to (someone); to entreat. (C) To want emotionally or sexually. (D) To express a wish for; to entreat; to request. (E) To require; to demand; to claim. (F) To miss; to regret.

In my own opinion, Desire is to lay claim and a heart of ownership on something you want or need without considering the cost. Or, to believe that something is yours without having it at hand Or, to want or need something and claim that it must be yours regardless the cost.

Desire cannot be over-emphasized especially at the rate at which the world is moving, people’s desire on a daily basis grow and change and become more expensive.

Thus, Desire is noted to be a driving force behind choices and decisions on a daily basis and no one is discharge from this claim, not the rich or poor.

Therefore, this study reveals the categories and analysis of Desire, how it affects our individualism, especially our thinking pattern.

We talked about the three levels of Desiree Personality Category;

The Low Level Desiree, the Average Level Desiree and the High Level Desiree;

Read previous articles for more details;

We explained the first Trio Individualism Desiree Personality;

One Directional Desiree Personality OR (Mono-Desiree Personality)

Two Directional Desiree Personality OR (Dual-Desiree Personality)

Multiple Directional Desiree Personality OR (Trio-Desiree Personality)

So now, we talk about the Fourth Directional Desiree Personality;


Throughout the study of these human behavioral pattern, one thing is common to them all, the ability to desire something or a group of things and having a certain attitude towards their wants and needs.

The Stunt Directional Desiree Personality is dominated by the Sanguine and Choleric Temperaments. Remember that this is a fusion of two different subjects, Individualism-Desire and Temperaments.

Basically, the Stunt Desiree Personalities are known for their impromptu jump at product or services that attract them or needed at the moment. They are similar to the Multiple Directional Desiree Personality affiliated with the Sanguine temperament. Where they have a list but are never committed to the items on the list.

The Stunt Desiree Personalities decision and option file plat form is based on the fact that they are ‘RISK TAKERS’. Looking at the definition of Stunt, it means doing dangerous gymnastic skills, or one who shows off a dangerous feat with the body, jumping, bending, rolling, or twisting.

They usually have an idea or complete details of what they want or need but once they get their hands on raw information about certain product or services that they are not familiar with, they take it or ‘jump on it’ without second thoughts. They engage in businesses that they are not familiar with, they get along with friends they are not familiar with, they go into relationships for superfluous reasons, or for surface discovered purposes. They often believe that during the course of such business, when things go bad, that they will have a way out no matter the consequences of their decision.

In this category of Individualism Desiree Personality, the most dominant temperament is the Sanguine, followed by the Choleric.

The Sanguine is known for her indecisiveness. Even when they make a decision, they find it difficult to hold on to it when faced with heavy prosecution. Their carefree attitude is one factor that can’t be ignored. They usually have a lot of friends but are never aware of their close friends. Since it is known that they never into any group of friends, they can change friends, any day, and create new friends in any location they find themselves.

For example; A Stunt Directional Desiree Personality may desire to buy brand new car, a Toyota SUV for ten million naira. He had decided to buy it in the next three months but a car dealer told him about a used Ferrari worth seven million naira. Unlike the One Directional Desiree Personality who will turn down such offer and stick with his brand new Toyota SUV. The Stunt Desiree Personality will jump at this kind of opportunity.

They sneak in on opportunity that is not yet available. They stalk opportunities that are not yet open or available to the public and are always the first to get a hint on opportunities.



Thanks for reading through, I hope you have discovered your path in your Wants and Needs.


By Adedeji Oshigbesan

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