written by Oshigbesan Adedeji

Two Directional Desiree Personality … continued …

Choice of Spouse: People of this category can become confused when it comes to choosing a life partner. Since it is by nature that they always find one option not sufficient for their use, therefore, one partner quality may not satisfy them. Just as easy as you may think that they are prone unfaithfulness in relationship, this does not follow. Unfaithfulness in relationship is a Choice and not a function of any personality build up. God did not create us to be unfaithful if it is in his nature to be a Faithful God. We do share that good nature but most people do not choose to follow in that direction. The Two Directional Desiree Personality is not being unsatisfied with one option; rather his believe systems moves him to gain confidence in two infallible options available in his trend of decisions. Therefore choosing a life partner becomes a dangerous game for such people in this group. The usual suspects in this category are the; Phlegmatic and the Sanguine. The Phlegmatic are usually indecisive and tend to gamble double case decisions. The Sanguine could tilt to extreme sides of both decisions, either they choose one out of two or leave both options and go for something different from both options. When they are confronted with double-similar favorable options, they don’t often affirm their state of mind to any option available. The Sanguine personality’s mind is not always poised on one option available in one decision of both similar decisions present in his options. Hereby, their system of decision goes thus when confronted with two options equally matched; They seek counsels from both parties (family and friends) or of customer care of both product and chose at random within the two products, or they go for the one that comes first and with the most attractive cover or design knowing confidently that their rejection of the other one is as good as the one they picked without having to lose any option entirely.

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Written By Adedeji Adewale Oshigbesan.


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