written by Oshigbesan Adedeji

Chapter Two – MEET One Directional Desiree.



Persons of this category have a mono-desire option file protocol they live by. Either consciously or unconsciously, their desire orientation is one at a time. Most often times, they choose one thing, a few selected friends, one location, or one product design at a time and stick to it. They have a routine life style that sets them in a comfort zone, food, dressing and music is always carefully selected by these set of people. They often don’t change their decisions once they have made it, and if they do, it will require a comprehensive argument to subdue them. They remain with one particular choice of living, even career throughout a life time, either rich or poor. They often don’t patronize ideas that are completely different from theirs.
 Choice of Friends: They have few friends, even in those few friends. They still select close friends, making their cycle of friends very small and controllable. These persons can create a high level of trust within their selected cycle of friends which can be traced to one particular friend and distrust for those who are outside the cycle. If they are betrayed within the cycle, it instills fear and insecurity within them. When such happens, they distance themselves from such a person or simply just change their cycle of friends abruptly causing multiple frictions amongst his friends.
The most prominent sets of temperaments in this category are the Melancholic and Choleric. This is because they have the ability to envision one thing to suit their multiple desires. They can manipulate one product or design to suit their taste. They have deep insights into anything that touches them; they can manipulate, improvise and contain instruments for their own purpose.
It is Note in the study of the four temperaments that the Melancholy has greater depths into anything that touches him more than any other temperaments and their desires are high and intense.
They take personal interest in most things that attract them without any form of advice from other persons to take it. The Phlegmatic should be in this group but due to the fact that they are easily influenced, thereby, they are not able to hold on to their choices and desires. Yet it will take a very crucial and intelligent argument to put them off their ‘Will’ because they are stubborn by nature. Phlegmatic personalities can sometimes be unwilling to bend to the authority of others especially if such authority is very harsh or “bossy”. They easily give a face value or eye service of what you want them to do even when you see them do it.
The Sanguine personalities, he is most likely to forgive and forget almost immediately and restore the rebellious friend after a rough vehement and aggressive tussle. But if such persists, such person with the Sanguine personality will openly disapprove his friendship with such offender and never to look back again, but may reconcile after a long while because a Sanguine is a people person. They often want to stick with large number of friends at a time even though they are not really into them, mutually. Most times, you won’t find such Sanguine personality in this category of the One Directional Desire; yet, the human behavioral pattern dynamics cannot be predicted and must not be underestimated. It is an open door to all species of individual personalities discovered in time.
Often times, you will find them having one particular friend through life.
 Choice of Spouse: The people of this category of Desiree are confounded to one type of opposite sex structure and build up seen in her nature, color, character, attitude, Temperaments, education, and religion. They are often attracted to their opposite temperaments in terms of, Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic. When it comes to the category of the Desiree list; One Directional Desiree, Two Directional Desiree, Multiple Directional Desiree and, Opportunity Directional Desiree. They are also attracted to their opposite on this list. A One Directional Desiree maybe attracted to a female Multiple Directional Desiree. If they understand this human phenomenal, they may decide to sit and further understand why they are totally different, not just in the four temperaments but also in their choices of product, service, religion, ideology, finances, taste of food and music, clothing and every other thing that matters in their lives. Why one partner doesn’t change his choice of clothing from Prada to Gucci over night unlike the Multiple Directional Desiree who can change her choice of clothing over night and still change it thirty minutes before exiting the house to the occasion.

REMINDER; One Directional Desiree, Two Directional Desiree, Multiple Directional Desiree and Opportunity Directional Desiree.

Choice of Product and Choice of Religion is coming up next…watch out !

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