[Music + Video] Do Re Mi (Medley) – Psalmist Nifemi

Do Re Mi (Medley) - Psalmist Nifemi

Download: Do Re Mi (Medley) – Psalmist Nifemi

Nigerian gospel music singer and Praise/Worship Leader Psalmist Nifemi release a brand new single titled, “Do Re Mi (Medley).”

Speaking on the song, Nifemi says, “Do Re Mi” is a thoughtful and deliberate profession of appreciation to God for His faithfulness to His character and His word.”

“In meditating on the unquantifiable goodness of God, my heart welled up with a fat fah, loud lah and a sweet soh to give God the unique and magnanimous praise He deserves.

As this medley sweeps through the nations of the earth, I am assured of God’s promise that His strength will be revealed in men as we belt out His worship in joyful sounds.” – he concludes.

Nifemi, popularly known as well as “The Love Apostle”, is a worship leader and a minister in the household of GLT.

The compilation is a musical masterpiece guaranteed to stir the hearts of worshippers to sing the praise of God, the Father.

This new song comes from the stables of GLT Music and is accompanied by a music video.






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Lyrics: Do Re Mi (Medley) By Psalmist Nifemi

Say Lord, Lord,
You are good,
You are merciful.

You are kind,
Everyday by day,
Your love no dey change,
You’re the same yesterday.

And today,
You no dey change.

Glory, Glory, doh re mi,
Glory glory glory to the lamb,
The one who sits in heaven,
And His glory fills the earth.

With a loud la, and a fat fa,
With a sweet soh,
We sing praises to your name,
Do re mi.

I will always sing your praise,
Fa songs of praise will never cease in my mouth,
La titi lailai,
La titi lailai,
We sing praises, we sing praises to your name.

You keep blessing me every day,
You keep blessing everyday eh,
You keep blessing every day eh.

You keep blessing every day,
You enlarge my coast,
You’ve been so good o, so good o.

You keep blessing every day,
You enlarge my coast,
You’ve been so good o, so good o.

You bless me in the morning, (morning)
Bless me in the noon, (noon)
Bless me in the night,
You’ve been so good o.

You anointed my head. (head)

Money in my pocket, (pocket)
Heal all my body,
You’ve been so good o.

Sibi ile mi o gbolude,
Sibi ile mi o gbolude,
(I have food on my table)
Oku eko o ma tan lobe,
(Enough meat in my pot)
Iya eleko o wa sinwo.
(I am not a debtor)

Ore Jesu se layemi,
(what the Lord has done in my life)
Opo opo opo.
(Is exceeding abundantly)

So so so so,
So we go dey thank the Lord for His goodness,
Thank the Lord for the things wey in do,
Set me up and kept me from falling,
Now my life has turned to brand new.

Oh oh I I I,
Let’s celebrate,
All the way.

Ijo kimba Jo,
(What dance won’t I dance)
Ara kimba da.
(What wonder won’t I do)




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