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Shammah - Tosin Oyelakin
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Worshipper Tosin Oyelakin celebrates her new age with a powerful single titled “Shammah.”

The song tells about the wonderful and mind blowing works of Jesus Christ in the verses with the chorus calling out the amazing attributes of God Himself.

Talking about the single, Tosin says, ‘I have experienced the power of Yahweh in so many ways. And the lyrics of this song just about summarises my lifetime so far with Him.

How He has always been there as my banner, He’s always been there to fight for me and defend me as a Lion defends her cub. What an amazing GOD I serve!.’

Jehovah Shammah means The Lord is (present) there. So much is going on in our world today. But regardless of what is going on in Nigeria, UK, USA and all over the world, there is peace in the assurance that GOD will never ever leave nor forsake His own.

The song is done in a mixture of English, Yoruba and Igbo languages.

Tosin prays that this song will reassure everyone going through, that Jehovah Shammah will always be there with them, even when walking through the most terrifying situations, and He will always fight for them.

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Lyrics: Shammah By Tosin Oyelakin

You are the reason
I’m alive today Okenmuo
(The Great Spirit)
You are the Resurrection

and the Life Alagbara giga (the Powerful One)
You are the soon coming King Jesus
Oba, Kabiesi o (King)
You are the mighty Man in battle

Jesus, Shammah
is Your Name
Saviour, Nissi
is Your name

My Lord, Shammah
is Your name
You are the mighty Man in battle,
the Lion of Judah

For Your Word
stands sure forever
(Forever it shall be)
And You honour every

word of Yours
(Even more than Your name)
Every life on Earth
belongs to You

(You can give and
take away as You will
as the Almighty God)

For You do strange things
that are so unbelievable
Miraculous are
Your ways oh God

For You are higher
than we can imagine
That is why Your
ways are so unsearchable.

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