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Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1974, Karen Chin was destined for greatness.

It was not long before her destiny began to manifest as at age 16, under the moniker ‘Sasha’, she recorded her first single. Shortly after, she was touring worldwide with some of reggae’s biggest names, and learning her craft through a variety of experiences.

Over time, local and international hits helped Sasha to cement her place in the heart of reggae/dancehall lovers globally. I’m Still In Love (Sean Paul collaboration) and We’ve Got The Love are just a few household tunes she has created.

Fast forward a few years to 2008, when Sasha left secular music behind, and became a Christian.

In 2012, she began recording under the name ‘Sista Sasha’, and released her first gospel single Chosen. Other Sista Sasha tracks such as Let This Cup Pass (2012), Get Through It, and I’m Anointed (2013) followed.

The taste of success is nothing new to Sista Sasha as her accolades include working with labels such as VP Records, Atlantic Records and Island Records. She has also recorded with some of music’s most talented producers: Steely & Clevie, Danny Brownie, Tony Kelly, to name a few.

A well-seasoned performer, the continents of Africa, North & South America, Europe and several Caribbean Islands were once her playgrounds.

Early 2014 saw the release of Sista Sasha’s debut gospel album (third overall) titled ‘Breaking Free’. She is now also a part of the Try God Records roster.

A necessary change is what she describes her transformation from secular-crowd-pleaser to gospel-singing-minister of God’s word as.

She invites all to join her on her gospel ministry journey.


Just Love Me Like David |@sistasasha1 []

Save My Soul | @sistasasha1 []


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