Nicanor offers His New “Ep” Album “Nicanor Released Singles.”

Ep Album: Nicanor Released Singles - Nicanor |

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Gospel Music: Nicanor Released Singles – Nicanor [Mp3 DOWNLOAD]

Nicanor offers a body of work dubbed “Nicanor Released Singles”, a collection of singles he has released over a period of time.

This project, which doubles as a pre-album release EP (Extended Play), is in anticipation of his album coming later in the year.

1. Hello Father
2. You too much

3. No me without Yahweh

4. Daachi
5. I adore
6. Oya

7. I’m alive
8. Chimle
9. Ifunanya
10. Kabiyesi
11. Zobe

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Lyrics: Ifunaya by Nicanor [Ep Album: Nicanor Released Singles].

Verse 1:
Some say love is weak and stupid.
So vulnerable it is for the cowards.
They say it’s for the weak and timid,
Love is not for the brave and the strong, NO

Love is stronger, than anything you could ever compare with it.
Love is greater, love never fails love will always conquer it all.

Live life in love
And you’ll try to hurt nobody eeh
Live life in love
And even your soul will be happy eeh

Live life in love!
Ifunanya amaka oo! (love is beautiful)
Live life in love!
Ifunanya bu uso ndu oo! (love is the essence of life)

Verse 2:
Though it might seem so cool, and easier to hate,
The thought of love might not do, but one thing is for sure!

Chorus (2x)
Onye obuna ka anyi solibe 
(let’s make merry)
Ifunanya bunu njedebe
 (love is the ultimate)
I love you yes I love you let love lead the way! (2x)


I’m Alive Lyrics
In your Presence,
There’s no fear of death right here.
In your presence, 
There’s no shadow of turning right here.

I’m alive in you.
I’m alive in you.
In your presence there is power.
The great anointing poured out.

There are screams and shouts of freedom right here.
In your presence nothing matters,
I become one with you in power
Soaring in the wings of the Spirit.

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Lyrics: Oya By Nicanor [Ep Album: Nicanor Released Singles]

As I dey here, as you see me so,
I no fit understand why Jesus too hum n’anya.
If I wan think am e go be like say I wan craze oo,
I no fit hold my body,
I wan dance oo.
When I need o, na Him de give
And if I vex am, He no de take time forgive.

If I come think am no be say na me holy pass.
I no fit just explain,
I just wan dance o.

Oya oo, beremole kejajo,
Oya oh, komole kejijo,
My God good no be lie oo
My God good no be lie oo.

Oya oo, beremole kejajo, kejajo oo
Oya oo, beremole kejijo, kejijooo,
My God good no be lie oo, no be lie
My God good no be lie oo, no be lie.

Verse 2:
Hhmm good God!
Hheee good God!
God good oo, no be lie oo
Cool down if e still tough for your side.

One day you go see say all de work for your good oo.
You no go fit explain am, you go dance on.

Dance, kejajo, keja Keja kejajo
Dance kejijo, keji keji kejijo (2x)
I go dancia for you, my God you good no be lie.
I go telenugi egwu, my God you good no be lie.

If I ask you you de give, if I vex you you forgive,
So na wetin I go give,
I say na wetin I go give.
I go dancia for you

I go dancia for you
I go move my body
I go move my body
I go dance, dance, dance jump and scream.

I go shout, I go make some noise jump and scream.


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