Zimrod drops New Music “Afurum gi n’anya”

New Music: "Afurum gi n'anya" - Zimrod

Zimrod Releases New Single “Afurum gi n’anya” (I love you).

With an unquenchable passion for music, Zimrod (Irondi Chizimizu Chukwuemeka), a multi-talented R&B/Gospel Musician, a master of his craft, with gifted hands on the bass guitar, piano and even the drums. Through music, he has helped millions around the globe live more fulfilled, joyous and exciting lives.

This unique song composer with a difference grew up with music all around him, a music loving home, constantly being inspired in the music world from the age of eight and has ever since been making a difference in the world through music.

He is the song writer, composer and producer of several songs such as ‘The Name’, ‘His blood did it all’, ‘The best’ and others, including his latest classic, ‘Afurum gi n’anya’ (I love you).

Some call him the love doctor, because his songs will definitely leave butterflies in your tummy.

The scope of his music extends to all the world and he is blazing new trails even as he aspires in the music industry.

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