Download: Akoda Aye - Akanni Emsong | Gospel Songs Mp3
Download Gospel Songs Mp3: Akoda Aye – Akanni Emsong

Akanni Emsong reverence God in his latest song titled “Akoda Aye”, a song that talks about the reverence of the only true God.

The song is highly enjoyable but yet carries a heavy spiritual weight that will waken you to the reality of the sovereignty of the Almighty God.

The blend of traditional Yoruba and afro-pop on this one will definitely also make it worth your while and its a song from one of Nigeria’s fast-rising anointed minister Emmanuel Akanni Ezekiel popularly known as Emsong.

His ministrations are heartwarming because of the grace of God upon his life and the power of the holy ghost that characterizes his meetings Saving souls, encouraging hearts, blessing lives and changing the story of men for the better.

The Abuja based singer has been a choice guest to many platforms – both big and small, around Nigeria and oversees. He is well known for his passion and drive on stage that makes his delivery to be direct.

These are part of the reasons why he has over time grown into being people’s favourite, especially to those that are worshipers and in love with good music.

The award-winning singer has a strong passion when it comes to singing about love, grace and the person of God. That’s why his lyrics are virgin and supernatural plus the fact that his tunes are Simple but magical creating the right atmosphere around your day. His brand new single will leave u wanting more.

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Lyrics: Akoda Aye By Akanni Emsong

Verse 1:
Erure tobao Akoda aye
Erure tobao Alasheda orun
Haven spoilt all principalities you made an open show
Once have you spoken twice have I heard

Your word cannot be broken all power belongs to you

Erure tobao Akoda aye
Erure tobao Alasheda orun

Haven fought my fight in battles you gave me victory
Once have you spoken twice have I heard

Your word cannot be broken

Cos all power belongs to you

He Reigns (3x)
Enthroned above our worship
He Reigns (3x)
God above all

(Flute interlude)

Verse 2:
Hear my humble cry Akoda aye
You are my hidding place Alasheda orun
Mikoni foju sukun omo ooo
I no go toro je before I live

Oluwa toda mi agbeni leke aye
Oluwa tonimi olu alawetan ese
Surely goodness and your mercies
Shall follow me through all my days

I’ll run my race and sing my praise to you
I’ll run my race till I see tiu face to face
Repeat chorus (2x) with adlibs
Outro with adlibs


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