Download Gospel Mp3 Bwana Asifiwe [Amen] by Amaray swahili song

Download: Bwana Asifiwe [Amen] - Amaray | Gospel Songs Mp3
Download Gospel Songs Mp3: Bwana Asifiwe [Amen] – Amaray
Amaray, one Abuja’s finest voices, offers up this multilingual gospel song tagged “Bwana Asifiwe” accompanied with a beautiful visual.

The new single “Bwana Asifiwe” produced by Emmanuel Willy, is a fusion of Swahili, Igbo and English Languages. It is a song of Praise/Worship and Prophetic declarations.

“When you say ‘Bwana Asifiwe, you respond with Amen, the Amen is an agreement to every word spoken in the song.” Amaray.

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Download Mp3


Download Gospel Mp3 Bwana Asifiwe


Lyrics: Bwana Asifiwe [Amen] By Amaray

Bwana Asifiwe
(Praise the Lord)
Bwana Asifiwe
Bwana Asifiwe
Amen amen

Halleluyah halleluya
Bwana Asifiwe
Amen amen

Amen amen… To your will
Amen amen… To your ways oh
Amen amen… My spirit say

Bulie Jesus elu amen amen
(Lift Jesus High)
Too Chineke amen amen, Obi’m ohh
(Praise God, oh my soul)
Too Jehovah Amen amen… eehhh heehh
(Praise Jehovah)

My spirit say, my soul say
Victory is mine, in Jesus’ name
I posses my Destiny, I possess my Place
I possess Territories

Enlarge my coast
Enlarge, enlarge my coast
Enlarge my coast
Enlarge, enlarge my coast

I’m more than conquerors
Greater is He in me
Greater is He in you
Jesus the One I serve
Jesus the One we serve

Amen  to your will
Amen to your ways
Amen amen amen

Bulie Jesus elu, Bulie Jesus elu
Bulie bulie bulie ya
Bulie bulie Jesu

Amen amen amen amen
Asante Jesu
(Thank you Jesus)
Asante Jesu ohh


Download Gospel Mp3 Amaray swahili song


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