Gospel Music + Lyrics: Nothing Pass You – Chris Mega [Mp3 FREE DOWNLOAD]

Chris Mega launches out with a mind-blowing single entitled “Nothing Pass You”, a song entrenched in God’s supremacy and power.

This song is a heavenly birthed song that will definitely lead you to thinking about God’s love and grace upon your life.

God created the heavens and the firmaments, made the blind to see, the lame to walk again, raised the dead, walked upon the sea and did many incredible wonders.

He is capable and able to change any situation and nothing is beyond Him.

This song is a pure definition of God’s supremacy and power.

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Lyrics: Nothing Pass You – Chris Mega.

Verse 1:
Could this be love?
You left your throne you came to die for me
Could this be love,
You picked me from the horrible pit, established my feet

What a grace am enjoying, what a grace

Oh now l blaze in the world
Cos you died for,
You Know am born just to rule,
Dominating my world

Nothing Pass you (my God)
Ibu chi di ike nothing pass you
 (my God)
Imara nma aaah nothing pass you
 (my God)
Idi ebube eeh 
nothing pass you
 (my God)

Odighi Onye di ka go my God

Verse 2:
So l bring it on, that’s the fire you put in me,
Am not afraid was lost in sin
But grace found me even
When l deserved nothing you gave me everything

You’re Jesus! there is nothing you can’t do
Emmanuel! You reign inside of me
Dike! Onye ukwu’m eeh
Igwe eh! Odighi onye di ka gi

Take the hook and chorus again

Ooo uh oo nothing pass you, nothing pass you
Ah uh oonothing pass you, nothing pass you
Chi’m oo nothing ass you, nothing pass you
Eze ee nothing pass you, nothing ass you

How excellent is your lovingkindness,
You’re beautiful, in all the Earth
Take hook and chorus again

You’re wordy (my God)
Yes you’re
You’re king, Yes you’re
You reign in all (my God)

You’re God there is none like, you’re mighty
Yes you reign (my God)
Yes you, nothing pass you for everything (my God)
You’ve done for me for the life oh Lord, delivered me (my God)

You gave me strength
Ooo you choose me ooo (my God)
There is nothing you can’t do ooooooo (my God)
Nothing, nothing l say there is nothing oo yeah (my God)

Yes yes Lord, there is nothing you can’t do, my God.

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