Damola Akiogbe Tags #WhereAreYourAccusers 2019 1st Edition “Stuck.”

The prestigious drama, worship and word, an event tagged #WhereAreYourAccusers by Damola Akiogbe titles 2019 June Edition “Stuck”.

The bi-annual event occurs twice a year, in June and November, has seen over 14 editions of spectacular drama themes from the Bible.

Lives have touched and souls have been blessed.

Host: Damola Akiogbe
Guest Ministers: Ife Odoginyan, Jehoshaphat, Chigozie Wisdom, Ighosa Obaro
Venue: Excellence Hotel, Ogba Lagos.
Date: Sunday, 30th of June, 2019
Time: 4pm | Red Carpet: 3pm

Stagnant Water Stinks.
He is maintaining status quo
Too comfortable in something so small
Is it that you can’t see, she asked

The shoes don’t fit anymore hence the pain
While squeezing your feet in
All the reactions are pointing to just one thing
You have outgrown this level hence the betrayal, insult and struggling

Snakes shed skin to allow ‘for further growth’
Why are you bent on being stagnant?
When you Become too restless, Isaac told Esau, you will remove the yoke off your neck..
Something doesn’t fit anymore! Move, retreat or take a break ‘Order my steps in Your Word’


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