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Download Gospel Songs Mp3 Lyrics: The King – Favour Uzo

Legal Practitioner and Gospel Artiste, Favour Uzo releases another new single titled “The King” produced Seun Oyetunji following her previous release, “Hallelujah” in Nov. 2018.

This new single “The King” talks about God as the only reigning king, everything in this world worship and acknowledge him as the creator.

Even demons tremble before him, they know that he is the only powerful King, sovereign and the ruler of all things.

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Lyrics: The King – Favour Uzo

Verse 1:
The sun, the stars, the moon
They bow before you
They say you are God
You rule forevermore

Verse 2:
The trees, the birds, the fishes bow before you
They say you are God
You rule forevermore

At the mention of your name
Every knee shall bow
Every tongue confess that you,
Are the king of kings (2x)

You are the king
You are the king
You rule forevermore
You are the king (2x)

The Angels proclaim you as the reigning king
Creations bow in honour of your name.

Repeat Chorus till fade.

Favour Uzo, a gospel artiste and a legal practitioner, churns out a new single titled Hallelujah produced by Seun Oyetunji.

According to Favour, ”The song came to me in my most difficult period in life but i realized that the more I sing “hallelujah” to the most high God, the more He does amazing things and mind blowing things for me. Hallelujah is the heavenly song that the Twenty four elders and the Angels sing to God day and night, I also join them to sing hallelujah! Revelation 19 vs 4”.

Favour recently released her debut album titled “Eternal” which is available on iTunes and other digital stores here:

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