Homa K Sings “You Are So Good” From Her Heart While Featuring Minini.

Download Lyric Video: You Are So Good - Homa K feat. Minini | Gospel Songs Mp3 Music
Download Mp3 + Lyric Video: You Are So Good – Homa K feat. Minini

Homa K, a medical doctor and scientist (cell & tissue engineer) popularly referred to as Dr Homayemem Weli professionally, shares her love for God in her new single and lyric video titled “You Are So Good” featuring Minini.

“You Are So Good” was birthed in a Sunday Church Service at Newness of Life Christian Centre in Staffordshire, England, where Homa K spontaneously shared the song and the church sang to the glory of God like as though it had been rehearsed before.

While speaking and sharing concerning the song, Homa K says “I say to myself: stethoscopes enable you to hear heartbeats (“lub dub”) more audibly in order to understand the state of a person’s heart. Similarly and even better, spiritual songs are heartbeats of heaven. 

“You are so good” is one of such holy “lub dubs”. I received it at a transition period in my life. It encodes many testimonies, personally highlighting some of the faith victories I experienced during my sojourn in England and transition to the United States.

We (believers) are encouraged to remember God’s benefits.

This song helps me remember succinctly! I want everyone that listens to be ignited in faith to see untold victories too!”

“So, I love listening to and re-echoing the heartbeat of heaven!” She adds.

Dr Homayemem Weli enjoys spending time with her family, serving humanity as a medic and scientist as well as serving the Lord and believers through poetic words, sharing the message of grace and faith and bringing new songs out as she receives them.

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