Gospel Music: “Jesus Reign” And “He Good” – Jay Praise feat. Wemimo Taiwo [Mp3 FREE DOWNLOAD]

Jay Praise, a gospel music recording artiste, shares double release titled “Jesus Reigns” and “He Good” featuring mInister Wemimo Taiwo, with both tracks produced by subomi oguntoyinbo (subreas).

He reigns by Jay praise is a song that affirms God’s sovereignty with a feel of both English and Yoruba language.

He Reigns was received on a faithful day as a beautiful cloudy weather blows through the field and the trees, birds and all that’s under the heavens bow.

He Good is a song of appreciation and affirmation of God’s numerous goodness and loving kindness to men.

The song features the famous Wemimo Taiwo.

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Lyrics: Jesus Reigns By Jay Praise.

Solo 1:
Seas roars, mountains flit
Trees churn at the mention of your name
Heavens open, earth rejoice
Nations shout for joy, our King reign

Jesus reigns, let the earth rejoice
Oluwa n’ joba, ki gbogbo aye wariri
Oluwa n joba ooooo
Gbogbo aye e k’orin (2x)

Solo 2:
Oluwa n joba,  Oluwa n joba oo
You are clothed with majesty
Your words are powerful and mighty
The Twenty Elders bow before your throne day and night

Worthy worthy are you Lord

Chorus: (2x)

Alagbara giga ninu awon Orun
Papa nla ti n’ jo tohun tohun

Bridge [continues underground]:
Let the nations shout for joy
You rule over all
K’awon ogun orun kede re ka gbogbo aye
King of kings and Lord of lords you reign forever

Let the nations shout for joy

Chant Continues:
Efufu lele ti n m’ile ti ti ti ti
Akoda aye aseda orun
Oba lori aye gbogbo
Alakoso aye, alakoso orun

O n joba lori aye
Jeki gbogbo aye wariri
Oba oke, Oba ile
Oba lori ohun gbogbo

Alade ogo, alade iye
Alagbara giga giga ni saalu awon orun
Ogo, Ola, Agbara Lo fi n’ jobs
Atiku, Aisa, Aidibaje l’ewa re

Eso f’araye, pe Ijoba re ko lodiwon
Pe joba re ko l’abawon
Emu ade Oba re wa
Ala kabi kabi, alapa rebi rebi

Kiki ogo, kiki ola kiki agbara
Se E l’oba awon oba
Oba lori ohun gbogbo
Shout for joy.

Gospel Music: He Good - Jay Praise feat. Wemimo Taiwo | AmenRadio.net
Download NewGospel Music: He Good – Jay Praise feat. Wemimo Taiwo

Lyrics: He Good By Jay Praise feat. Wemimo Taiwo.

Verse 1:
When friends turn away
Na only You o I see
Family turns to stranger
Na You alone I know

You carry me put for your shoulder
You no gree me fall
Na you alone I go serve oo
Titi lai oo yes

Call:  My God good oooo

Resp: Ehhhh E good o e (3×)

Verse 2:
As I dey think of your mercy
I feel to dey praise you the more
I dey drink your love like water
Eat your grace o like beans

You do me well o baba mi
Titi lai o I go praise you
With my heart, all I have
Oh oh I go praise you

Chorus: (4x)

Intro: [Wemimo Taiwo]
Ah hh, Hallelujah, what are mighty God you are
Everybody, come and join me to celebrate my father
Omama amasi amasi, Ekweme

Verse 3: [Wemimo Taiwo]

Hallelujah, what a mighty God you are.
Everybody comeand join me to praise my father
Omama amasi amasi amasi Ekwueme.
Ebube dike, Oje na mmuo

Ogbarankiti okwudi na onu
Eze no na enu Ogodo ya na akpu na ala
Chioma mo you too much (papa)
From generation 2 generation

You remain the same o, Alpha and Omega
I never see any God like You,
Nobody fit be like u,
I praise Your name o, Jehovah

[Yes Sir, Johovah]

Call & Resp:
Eh oh, Oh eh [continues]
Make una help me celebrate Am o [everybody]
He’s so good [hail my Jesus]
His love for me [Oba lori oba ni]

Wanna make me scream
Alagbara giga [Ehh my God He good]
Eze n j’eze le [eh eh]
My God he good o
My God he kind o
My God good

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