Jlyricz set to drop Higher (Part 2) featuring Real Joy; The Redeemed EP 2.0 on the way.

News: Jlyricz soon drops The Redeemed EP 2.0
Singer-songwriter Jlyricz is set to release his new single; Higher (Part 2) featuring Bagma-nominated singer and rapper Real Joy as he preps for the December 16th releases of The Redeemed EP 2.0. The first version of Higher had been released six months ago as Jlyricz  marked his birthday and has gone on to be a massive success as it has received majorly positive reviews from all. Higher (Part 2) however raises the notch with fresh verses and a new hook from Jlyricz while Real Joy comes in to complement her brother and fellow soldier in the ministry.

Higher (Part 2) is produced by Oz D’Beatz with guitar by Solotone. The song is mixed by Sound Addict. Higher (Part 2) drops on December 9th.

Also watch out for The Redeemed EP 2.0 dropping on the 16th of December.
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News: Jlyricz soon drops The Redeemed EP 2.0


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