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Download Gospel Songs Mp3: Asiko Mi – Joy Oladipo

Yoruba gospel music singer, Joy Oladipo releases a Holy Ghost inspired the song “Asiko Mi.”

The Yoruba piece declares that the time of God’s visitation is now based on context, however, a verbatim translation is “My Time.”

“Asiko Mi” tito is a song that would fill every empty space in your life the creative force of power.

The potter who supernaturally fixes up every broken piece of my Life.

Unfathomable, unquestionable, unsearchable, irreversible will miraculously touch your life.

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Lyrics: Asiko Mi – Joy Oladipo

Lord you show me the way
You healed my brokenness
You turned my life around
My song will drop as the rain

You are my God and God alone
Perfect in all your ways
The one who his and lives to come.

I will live to bless your name.

Asikomi Tito
Agogo mi ti lu
Olorun (emi mimo) ti pa ase si aiye mi
Asiko mi ti to

Verse 2:
Give ear oh heaven’s and I will speak
Today am stepping higher (yes I am)
His made me to ride upon my high places
Asiko mi ti to

Lord I trust, Lord I trust you
Yeah, yeah
Lord am changing ground
Am stepping upward

Stepping up to the high calling
Am pressing forward to the winning side
Am going to the land flowing with milk and honey
Jesus has set me free (yeah)

Am free Lord
Am saying
Asiko mi ti to

Repeat Chorus

Am pressing forward
Am breaking grounds, Yeah
Am pressing forward
Am breaking new grounds

Towards the mark
Asiko mi ti to.

He his the rock
I am that I am
The Lord that saved me he rescued me, Yeah
Turned my life around

My soul would bless the Lord
Asikomi mi ti to

Repeat Chorus


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