Gospel Music + Video + Lyrics: Ko Joo – Lilian Nneji [Mp3 FREE DOWNLOAD]

Lilian Nneji, gospel minister who gained attention with her viral “Odogwu N’agha” single, steps up with new song and video tagged ”Ko Joo.”

Although Lilian is of “Igbo” descent, she delivers “Ko Joo” translated as “Never” in both Yoruba and English Languages to perfection.

In a tête-à-tête, she discloses the intent of the song Never was the only word I could whisper to my soul when I found myself in a deep depression state while facing difficult challenges. 

Taking my life seem to be the only possible way out of my trouble. It is sometimes appealing to give up on life.

I felt helpless, I could no longer weather the storm of depressive emotion, deep deep within me I could hear a voice say to me “You would not come this far with me and then walk away” so I knew I had a big role to play which is to dig deeper and push myself to survive this challenge.  

A thought flashed my mind “Remember your beautiful children, your parents, loved ones and all you have laboured for”

The truth is depressive emotion is never permanent, Jesus in our lives makes the huge difference. 

Challenges will come and go but a life lost is gone from this earth forever!

Suicide? Ko Joo! (Never!)

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Lyrics: Ko Joo By Lilian Nneji.

Amazing Grace
The sweetest sound
But I’ve been forsaken
Rejected and confused o

Depression on my sleeves
Suicide on my mind
Everywhere I go
Oh Lord! I put my trust in you

Everything seems fading away
Every hope seems falling
Oh No! I’ll never give up on you

I wouldn’t come this far to worship you
Turn away look away from you
Ko Joo o (2x)


I will wait on you,
Wait on you
I will trust in you,
Trust in you

I will follow you till I see you face to face

Back to chorus


Ko Joo (8x)
I will wait on you till I see you face to face (2x)


Ko Joo (3x)

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