Gospel Music: “Wonderful God” – Maryjane [Mp3 FREE DOWNLOAD]

Versatile gospel artiste, Maryjane also known as GoldenVoice, shares her newly released single titled “Wonderful God”.

Maryjane, whose purpose is to win souls for Christ through gospel music, said the song is inspired by God’s day to day goodness in our lives.

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Lyrics: Wonderful God By MaryJane

This God na wonderful God

Response: Ahha
This God na super God
Response: Ahha

This God na special God
Response: Ahha
This God na awesome God
Response: Ahha

Wonder, wonder Ahha
Super, super ahhh
Awesome God ahh
Eledumare ahhh

Oba nwau oba Ahha

Call/Response: Ahha (4x) eeeehhh
I no know wetin
I give this God wey make am love me … love me like this (2x).

Call/response: He give me life
He give me children
He give me health
He give me money

He give me life ooohh
He give me strength ooohh
He give me peace
He butter my bread

He sugar my tea
Today, eh eh eh
Eh eh eh eh eeh
Ahh (4x)

Have you ever seen a god like my God before
(No 9) repeat
He’s an awesome God

He’s a faulthful God
He’s a beautiful God
He’s a special God
He’s a strong God

He’s a mighty God
He give me life
Oh oh
He give me strength

Oh oh
He give me peace
He butter my bread
He sugar my tea

Today eh eh eh eh (8x)
Ahh (4x)
Wonder, wonder
Super, super

Awesome God oo
Ugwu anari Stu egwu
Odomiri betsidar

Echete obi esie ike
Nwanne otu onye
Oba wu oba
Odinma n’eme nma

Oji nwa eme oji
Onye oma n’eme nma
Onu n’enye ike
Oma nma, nma zuru aru,

Nagalaba ji isi ulo m
Ahh – (12x).

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