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Download Gospel Mp3 Songs: Almost Home – MercyMe

Multi-platinum Contemporary Inspirational band, MercyMe offers up a new song titled “Almost Home” for fans to buy and listen.

‘Almost Home’ came out of a conversation with a friend of mine who has been a pastor for many many years,” Millard – MercyMe lead singer states.

“He told me ‘honestly, I’m just really really tired. I’m exhausted. Ministry is hard.’

“He’s gone through so many issues and situations and dealt with emergencies and tragedies and all kinds of stuff that come with working in ministry.

He was telling me how he felt like he was prepared for the short game, but wasn’t quite sure if he was ready for the long game.

What he meant by that is that you simply don’t realise that you could possibly be in ministry for almost a lifetime – to out live some of your dearest friends and mentors – and I think that’s what he meant by not being prepared for the long game.

It was heartbreaking to hear and I realised one thing that we probably don’t address much is as we get older, we just get tired and exhausted fighting the good fight.

‘Almost Home’ is kind of a rallying cry to just remind us to keep running the race… to keep going. Heaven is just around the bend.

We’re almost home and now is not the time to give up or tap out. Whether you’re in ministry or not – parents, moms, dads, whatever – if you just feel like you don’t know if you can go any further, hopefully, this song will bring you comfort and help you realize that you’re not alone and that the race is worth running.” – He concludes on the inspiration of the New Song by MercyMe

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