Mike Abdul Top 10 Gospel Song Collection [Mp3 FREE DOWNLOAD]

Listening through different songs, albums and Ep’s, Mike Abdul makes selecting a Top 10 gospel song collection extremely difficult and tasking.

Internationally recognized gospel music minister, song writer and a successful record label boss, Mike Abdul, stands out as a man of skill, creativity and intellect.

Many have come, many more will come but for a fact, His name will ring bells for many years. Preaching the gospel of Christ in a way that was once “unacceptable” but now acceptable. He changed the Status Quo.

Every genre He decides to hump on, he excels. He brings a different dimension and adds his originality to every piece of music he makes or features on.

The energy and creativity that flows through him is divine. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is well read. This is just pure skill, proficient writing skills, out standing composition entrenched in overflowing anointing.

As a member of one of the most outstanding gospel groups and band, “The Midnight Crew”, Mike Abdul has proven his worth to the entire world.

Get Mike Abdul Top 10 Gospel Song Collection.



Different Case




Ready to Praise




Oh My Jesu


Intentional Fuji


30 Billion


Cross Over



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