Kefee, (nee Obareki) was a prolific songwriter,a skilled dancer,a passionate singer & a UN Young Ambassador for Peace. Born to Deacon and Mrs. Andrew Obareki in Sapele, Delta State. She started singing at an early age (8yrs) in the children choir, ever since, she has been transformed from one glory to another, She moved on to the adult choir when she was fifteen and at age eighteen she was made the choir Director because she could teach the three parts namely Soprano, Alto & Tenor.
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The choir released a couple of albums where she took lead vocals and backup vocals as well. Kefee, the Branama Queen studied Public Administration in the prestigious University of Benin, Edo State. By this time she had already written well over 20 songs and had a greater passion for music.

In 2000, she playfully composed and released an album titled “TRIP” with a friend; the album was a success and got them shows alongside artiste likes Tony Tetuila, Plantation boys and a long list of others.
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The album gained some recognition as the videos where the talk of the town in Benin, being the first female group to break off from the usual approach, the two friends parted after school but Kefee did not give up. In December 2003 she signed on with Alec Music and released her first solo album as a female artiste.

Kefee’s “BRANAMA” sold nine thousand audio cassettes in just three weeks of the albums release and over two million copies of CDs/VCDs in a month. She became the hottest Nigerian female artiste and won a number of awards. Kefee’s fan base increased all over Africa and also on the international scene, she was invited to perform in London and other parts of Europe and America.
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Kefee’s first album was a huge success which had her fans eagerly anticipating for her second album titled “BRANAMA 2″.Her sophomore album was just as terrific as her first and also got her the respect of other well known Nigerian Artiste who worked with her for the album.

The release of her latest effort titled “A Piece of Me” in January 2009, marked the unfolding of still a new era in the life and career of one of Africa’s most prolific music talents. “A Piece of Me” is almost notable for its tracking stylistic diversity, thread of modern Afro – Pop, R&B Classic and Traditional Africans etc. are all ingeniously woven together into a work that is cutting edge contemporarily but with a perfect touch of familiarity and tradition. “A Piece of Me” is irresistibly catchy.
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Her official tour schedule includes performances at Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary. Her highly successful sojourn to the US saw her perform alongside Grammy Award-winning artiste, India Arie and Tyrese Gibson at the African Festival of Arts in Chicago.

She was the founder, CEO of BRANAMA AFRIQUE. An entertainment outfit known for excellent production, established in 2007. The company is responsible for the production, promotion and the entire packaging of Kefee’s new album titled “A Piece of Me”.

According to her manager, the Branama Queen died of Lung Failure in the Los Angeles hospital as against pre-eclampsia widely believed to be the cause of her death.
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Update – Official Statement
On behalf of the family….It is with a great sadness but grateful hearts that we announce the passing to glory due to Lungs failure this morning of our God’s mouth piece, chorus leader, daughter, wife, sister, friend Kefee Branama Queen … May her beautiful, gentle and precious soul rest in perfect peace. AMEN!!!

PS: In contrast to all earlier rumors and stories in circulation, I do state that Kefee wasn’t 6 months pregnant and neither did she have pre-eclampsia.

For the family
Adeline Adelicious Adebayo
(Kefee’s UK Manager)



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