Gospel Music + Lyrics: Orun Si – Mojee feat. Brenda & Mary [Mp3 FREE DOWNLOAD]

Praise and worship leader, Mojee returns with this new song titled “Orun Si” featuring Brenda and Mary while securing the production skills of O’Keys.

Orun Si; a Yoruba titled song translated as “Heaven Open”; is a prayer,  a plea, and a declaration.

We have been told not to fret over anything, but in prayer, entreaties with thanksgivings, we should pour our hearts to God, who will give us incredible peace that defies understanding over any and every circumstance especially over those things we term hopeless, gone and done.

The wilderness will indeed become a fertile field.

The clouds will pour out rain, salvation we will experience, righteousness shall indeed spring forth and things will become easy for us.

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Lyrics: Orun Si – Mojee featuring Brenda & Mary.

Our Father,
Who art in Heaven
Glory and Majesty to Your Name
We declare Open Heaven, this day, over our lives

Help us to see like You
Help us to be like You
Give us the Oil of gladness
Fill our hearts with hope

Fill our hearts with joy
Your burden is light
Your yoke is easy, Halleluya!
Let it be easy for us Father

Let it be easy for us
Orun si o lori wa, si o
Orun si o lori wa, si o
Nitori ogo re Oluwa, je ko si o

Nitori anu re Oluwa, si orun
Repeat (2x)
Jesus, Onye we ‘m
Nu ru akwa nkem

Mgbe i na – akpo ndi ozo
Agafela mo
(Orun si o)
Orun si o lori wa, si o
Orun si o lori wa, si o

Nitori ogo re Oluwa, je ko si o
Nitori anu re Oluwa, si orun.
Orun si o, si o

Open the heavens Lord and come down
Smash down the gates of bronze and cut through the bars of iron
Give us the treasures of heaven hidden in dark places
You are the Lord, there is no other

Rain down your blessings from above
And let the clouds pour down your blessings O God
Let the earth open up
Let Salvation bear fruit and righteousness spring forth with it

By your Spirit, let the wilderness become a fertile field
Let Your Kingdom come
Let Your will be done
While on others Thou art calling

Do not pass me by

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