Download Mp3 Lyrics: Psalm 23 (I Will Continue To Follow You) – Purist Ogboi Gospel songs

Download: Psalm 23 (I Will Continue To Follow You) - Purist Ogboi | Gospel Songs Mp3
Download Gospel Songs Mp3: Psalm 23 (I Will Continue To Follow You) – Purist Ogboi

Purist Ogboi, one of UK’s creative gospel recording artistes, releases her much anticipated single “Psalm 23 (I Will Continue To Follow You).”

Psalm 23 is a brilliant dance gospel track written by Purist Ogboi and produced by Mobo Award Winning Producer, Evans Ogboi for Simplicity Records, London.

This serves as the 7th single from her upcoming album project (Songs of Victory) due to be launched June 2020 at the first-ever joint live recording concert with her husband, Evans Ogboi.

Purist’s desire is to see lives transformed, souls won and faith stirred up in the hearts of men.

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Download Mp3 Lyrics: Psalm 23 (I Will Continue To Follow You) – Purist Ogboi Gospel songs

Lyrics: Psalm 23 (I Will Continue To Follow You) By Purist Ogboi

Verse 1:
The Lord is my Shepherd
I shall not want
He makes me to lie down in green pastures
His right hand always beside me

He’ll never leave me
Nor forsake me Yahweh

I will continue to follow You
I will continue, will continue to follow You
Oh Lord
You’ll never leave me

Nor forsake me, Yahweh
Ooooh Oooo Oooo

Verse 2:
You’ve never lost a battle
The great Commander
Surrounded by the power of your love
You’re jealously guiding me

Always beside me
You’ll never leave me
nor forsake me Yahweh
Mighty warrior
You’ve never lost a battle

I won’t be shaken
I triumph in Your name.

9 years ago I met this amazing woman of God in Lagos Nigeria and my life has not remained the same. Guys, its interesting to know that the song the Lord used to bring us together is just about to be released. 2007 – 2016 Its taken 9 good years…. Phew! Can I tell the story?

In Dec 2006, I received a telephone call for a production job. It was Purist on the line. She had gotten my contact from a friend who recommended me for the job. Purist had tried other producers working hard on this single but it wasn’t quite what she wanted yet. A meeting was arranged so in January 2007, we had our first meeting ever at a restaurant at Anthony village Lagos Nigeria. Few minutes into this meeting, I heard clearly in my spirit…… Don’t worry.. I won’t tell you what it was Interestingly, Purist got the same word in her spirit just as we discussed in that same meeting. I noticed she kind of chocked on her drink but couldn’t tell why. We finished the meeting and an agreement was reached but none of us said a word about what we had heard.

I ran home and shared with my friends what had happened to me. I shared a room with 3 of my very good Christian brothers at the time, Bernard, Amos and Francis but on that day I only mentioned this to Bernard. He advised that I just focused on the job and see what the Lord would do. I did just that… When the day for her recording session came, it was so easy… I could hear all the right sounds…. The heavens were open. Purist was in shock as it was the sound she heard in her spirit. I mean as far as sound effects I used for the intro …. Creating a story…Soft wind, rainfall and thunder… Infact, fast forward, 9 years later, few months ago I really struggled to remake this song. I wished I had the data or audio stems from 2007. I was stunned by what the Lord had produced with my hands 9 years ago… The chords, the arrangement, the sound quality… I could not believe it.

The song is titled “My side of story” and it’s the first song Purist ever wrote. It talks about her struggles and challenges growing up as a preachers kid. Wish I could attach the demo from 9 years ago to this message but yeah…. You get to hear the song on the Encounter album. God is awesome!

Yeah… I know you’re probably waiting to hear the rest of the story. After the single was done, Purist and I became friends. The rest is history… Today we are happily married still loving and serving Jesus.


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