Sermon: The Charge [August 2019 Miracle Service] with Apostle Joshua Selman

In this Charge, Apostle Joshua Selman in the August 2019 Miracle Service reveals that the glamour and celebration that comes through result should never overwhelm us to look away from becoming and revealing Christ which is suppose to be our Goal as Believers.

If you didn’t prosper by default, then you can’t stay in good health by default.

Our Spiritual efficiency as far as living in Victory is concerned and advancing the course of the Kingdom is concerned will require specific knowledge of the ways, the principles, and the methodology of the kingdom

We must all submit ourselves to the whole truth allocated to bring us to the place God wants us to be.

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About Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman is the founder and senior pastor of Eternity network International based in Zaira, Nigeria.

He is known for his simple but powerful messages and method of teaching.

He is one of the most sought preachers in Nigeria and has travelled around Nigeria and beyond.

He has inspire many who have been given countless of testimonies about his messages.

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