Sermon: The Keys of The Kingdom (Revision Series) Part 1 & 2 With Apostle Joshua Selman, Koinonia.

Apostle Joshua Selman in this teaching “The Keys of The Kingdom (Revision Series)” reveals that there is only one key to the kingdom which is through Christ – the authorized channel or entrance point.

The keys of the Kingdom are access points that activate and deactivate possibilities.

“The keys of the kingdom are the truths that grant believers access to function effectively as a true representation of Christ and to manifest the possibilities of His kingdom.”

1. Starting with God and prioritizing God, seeking Him in everything.

2. Success is tied to Transformation. 
Transformation through renewal and enlightenment which involves disposing old ideologies and replacing old ideologies with new and proper ones.

Listen or Download – “The Keys of The Kingdom (Revision Series) Part 1 & 2″ here:

Part 1 Mp3
Part 2 Mp3

About Apostle Selman

Joshua Selman is the founder and senior pastor of Eternity network International based in Zaira, Nigeria.

He is known for his simple but powerful messages and method of teaching.

He is one of the most sought preachers in Nigeria and has traveled around Nigeria and beyond.

He has inspire many who have been given countless of testimonies about his messages.

About Koinonia

Koinonia is a weekly programme organized by the Eternity Network International where people come to experience worship, word, miracles and love, experience true intimacy with the Holy spirit and learn to be with Him, be like Him and represent Him.


1.To seek and save the lost

2. Equip and perfect the saints by the revelation of God’s word and the ministry of the Holy spirit

3. Demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit through signs, wonders and miracles to confirm that Jesus is alive. This is conveyed when His presence is made manifest in worship.

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