Walking in my Shoes
Walking In My Shoes

Why we need to Walk?
Off course! We need to walk inorder to move, to progress, to prevent stagnancy, to pursue, overtake and recover. “Marching in the spirit of unity”-Micah Stampley (Album-Release Me) song title; Heaven On Earth. To impact, press forward, to reach, to communicate.
Certainly if we know how to walk in love, then we shall obey Jesus two new commandments saying that we should love God and our neighbor as we love ourselves, “On these two commandments hang all law and the prophets” (Matthew 22:37-40). You have to love yourself first before you can profess that you love anyone, even God.
Not I, our bible said so, it is not a saying that we should just walk, but a commandment to walk in love. We need to walk because it is a commandment “And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment; “That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.” (1John 1:6).
If we don’t walk, even God won’t walk, if He dwells in us and we chose to walk in his commandment He will definitely not forsake us, Isaiah 43:2.
Since the title is already asking a question of why we need to walk? Then it is also necessary to see Reasons why walking is essential. Some of which I will mention are; Chasing a Vision, Work and Consistency. The fact is clear that those who don’t have vision will not fancy the idea of walking, neither will they deem it necessary to Walk and Work towards it, and since common sense is not common, Consistency is not a life style of their Choice.
There are more reasons why me must walk but the matter is who are those that carry this burden to walk and yet had refused to walk because they waiting for manner from heaven. Walking and working to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth starts with me and you, see Matthew 6:10, ‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.’

When to Walk?
“When-(Time)” is the enemy of poor men and best friend of rich men, that is, Time. A lot of ‘Intelligent’ people know “Who” to walk with but can’t fix the right individuals in the right place at the right time. ‘Brilliant’ people know What to ‘Walk with’ and it is as clear as looking at the palm of their hand but are extremely doubtful. Although majority of us have been thought How to walk yet we fail to apply the principles practically. Very few may know all the answers to these questions and as such become a catalyst, which speeds up reaction thereby rushing into long-term projects with short-term vision. It won’t last.
It’s not just enough to be prepared to walk it is also important to know when to walk. The question then is “how do you know when to walk?” One can say there a million answers to these question but before such answers flood in, we ought to pick a concrete concept of time because ever since the world was created obviously certain principles were set in place to order the ordeal of revolution and evolution. The world as we know, is not just physical neither are we as humans merely physical creatures. Scientist can prove a lot about our physical existence and adaption to Earth through their observation but the truth is this, they can’t use micro-scope to view the spiritual representations of physical appearance.
To some, knowing the right time to do things is a gift to them, like the sons of Issachar, one of the tribes of Israel (1Chronicles12:32), this they had from God to help Israel has a whole to know what to do at a particular time, in which it came in handy. To us it is natural; when the cloud looks dark and the weather suddenly turns cold-certainly it is about to rain, when we don’t even experience the rain yet there’s this smell that it produces after it had rained, we would know there was a shower earlier. Why would anyone want to consistently play or sing a Christmas Carole, if not in the December euphoria, even a blind man will perceive its Christmas.

Doing the right thing doesn’t need any form of education that it must be done at all times. When to ‘Walk’ is as simple the way Jesus made it look here in Matthew16:2-3;
“He replied to them, When it is evening you say, It will be fair weather, for the sky is red, And in the morning, It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and has a gloomy and threatening look. You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the time.”
I don’t give away the place of planning as that will be the path way to answering this question. For every good thing we want to achieve and obtain a quality result, we need to sit down and plan carefully and in details.                        Planning is a process that has in array, a set of arithmetic arrangement or sequential or systematic formation, in which we are able to draw out a map of direction to things, people and events in relativeness to their hierarchy of importance, placing each into action with confidence, like having the scale of preference. Having to have put all these in proper place, you alone can decide when to carry some certain actions without overlapping other plans except in cases of unforeseen events or uncontrollable circumstances in which a proactive manager (all of us) readily has a plan “B”. From your plan you would most definitely know when to Walk and these kind of idea works with all aspect of our lives…I dare say that…we need divine intervention sometimes. I too…!

A typical example is marriage, When to Walk into Marriage-
Let’s start from the beginning. Genesis 2:18-25, were God thought and saw it wise that it is not good for a man to be alone, He went further to create a help qualified and efficient enough for him to be his Wife as of her nature being a Woman for fellowship, companionship and relationship and the likes that two like-minded people will do.
“Now the world is mad. Why would a man want to marry a man? Such disgust and idea is from the bottom of hell!”
“God doesn’t need to save us again, He only needs to wait for those people to see Him in His Judgment office, then they will discuss but I am sure it will be too late.”
“Not my joy though yet logically, men will suffer for imposing such into their laws and national constitution”
Let’s move on, Adam was working-working hard, taking care and dressing the garden of God before he received his Wife. Some men nowadays just want to marry for the sake of sex even without having a job and I am amazed that they actually eat their cake and have it. Some like-minded unreasonable women go head to say ‘yes’ to their proposal, I calculate, who will feed the children. I am not surprised when such bear children like every year, and year after year, Why? This is because they don’t have job! (it’s not an excuse for women to say no to potential husbands and working brains anyway). We know that there is time for everything.
When you want to marry, it should not be because your sexual urge increases (increase in food intake, increases appetite for food and hunger for sex). I asked an expert and here’s what she said to me, “When you are through with your academics, have a good job with good pay or operate a profitable business, when your money is enough to take care of yourself and some else, when you have a place comfortable place to lay your head and another person”. Although there’s more, but these are the important basis. Why not wait! If you rush in, you will rust in. Don’t marry him because he has a plasma television, marry him because he has a vision. Don’t marry him because he has a Hummer jeep, marry him because the Word of God in his is like Hammer. Don’t marry him because he his cute, marry him because he has a cute relationship with God, with evidences. Don’t marry him because he has good character, check if he has the fruit of the Spirit.
“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.” Psalm 27:14.
Child bearing is another thing; this not just another point like academic books will arrange herself. When to walk in life should be a thing of thought as you must consider those you will be walking with for the major aspect of your life. Example, yourself – meaning walking along through life with a vision or visions, wife, children (family), external family, colleagues at work, business partners, including God or the other devil-either of these you chose must be dealt with when put into consideration. This leads us to the next question having an answer by God’s grace…

Walk with a Leader that has an Eagle eye. Eagles by nature have the ability to see clearly from great heights thus having a vision at heart through their visionary eyes and character. They have the strength and speed, bold enough to face the storm and chase after the Sun while the storm clears her path. Leaders should not hesitate to walk with a potential (Apprentice Eagles) Eagles as well. Only an Eagle or Falcon can train Eaglets, or you ever find an Eagle train a Chicken, even if that be the case, let such follow due process and give him the understanding to decide if he wants to remain a Chicken or an Eagle.
You’ve read the earlier posts, you will know that it is important to know when to walk, not just having the knowledge of the time but making sure that while you walk with the right time and season, you are assured that such is not wasted. Then what can make us waste such golden time? We have a vision we are running with, provision for such is available, resources are limited but enough, even the law of “cetiris paribus” (all things being equal) is falling in pleasant places for us. Still our time and resources are wasted, energy and synergy is overthrown by miscellaneous activities at the right time. We quickly ask for divine intervention, it could happen if God wills.
A Leader with a vision can be slowed down if his Apprentice cannot catch up with the speed at which his master is moving likewise a Leader, can slow down the Apprentice if he fails to be diligent or if he loses his foresight on the vision and lacks understanding on the insight of his mission of training anyone. Most often times, in a learning environment or an organization, if we be careful enough to be curious and seek to know the vision and mission statement of any establishment then we can easily establish a common view. If the organization or learning environment is moving at the pace we expected it move or the otherwise, on such cases or event we quit so as not to waste our precious investment placed on them.
We will from there move on and direct our footsteps aright to walk with those who are not only likeminded but also action inspired to do exactly what they say or think in the positive light. Not just them, our friends, colleagues, spouse, children and co.
Two biblical examples; of people who had to walk with their vision, fulfilling a very important objective which was paramount to their existence and living and generation. These examples will display benefits of walking with the right people and demerits of walking with the wrong class of people; providing us with accurate explanation for this dilemma some of us find ourselves in.

Abraham versus Lot and the Woman with the Issue of blood
St. Mark and Dr. Luke…AMP-Version also.
“And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years, And had suffered many things of many physicians, and spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but grew worse…” Mark 5:25-26. Old KJV.
The key things highlighted in this verse if placed in thought and can be imagined to view what she must have gone through in today’s reality of people seeking for solution but finding more problems!
    An issue of blood; what can we define this kind of disease to be, menstrual disorder? Most likely and obvious; called discharge (regular), for a woman to bleed that much will most likely come from the usual bleeding spot. With due respects to all ladies!
    Many things; suffered many things, like surgical operations, traditional believe, herbal prescription, superstitions (misconception) of the use of natural things for healing. As we know how desperate barren woman go in search for help from wooden gods and you hear such their doctors tell them to drink all sort of concoction even to the drinking of urine …!
    Many Physicians; she must have travelled far beyond her region to meet, doctors and every other person called a doctor who might have the possibility of solving her matter.
    Spent all; it’s not just that she spent all her money but herself-energy, time and destiny-12years can do a lot to any human  destiny. Jesus used 3years to bring us salvation, how much more 12years?!
    More Worse; her situation grew worse, from “fry pan to fire” some might say which I agree too. If you don’t pity this woman at this stage, then you need a new heart.
In her journey to find healing to her disease (mission), she had to walk with doctors and physicians, also walking along with her money (vision) and every other thing she had. Investments like, land, houses, jewelries, investments, business capitals, profits, savings, debentures, stock, preference shares, bonds (very funny, in those days? Just a comparison in today’s rich people predicaments e.t.c.
This also is an implication that she was a very rich woman. How? She spent all she had for 12 years, that means that she was so rich that the plague could only consume all her wealth within 12 years. If it were to be in the case of a poor man, it will only take a matter of days to squander his light weight financial ability on sickness. Eventually, he may probably die on the third day. I refuse to live a mediocre life, such that when it is my time to pack up and live Earth for good and in peace, first, the whole world shall be at a standstill, secondly; the government of my country will declare a public holiday from generation to generations that will be observe. I was told to be careful what I wish for but on this note have I made my supplication and prayer known unto God who will do such according to the counsel of his will. Amen.

Leaving my story, let’s move on…
Her wealth only sustained her for twelve years, it could have increased within the space of twelve years and such can sustain, from herself to her twelfth generation in abundance in place of mere mediocre splendor use of wealth within an ephemeral lot of 12 years. Wealth plus bad health can obscure a whole generation.
The case of this Woman was so spectacular the even her name wasn’t mentioned, rather had her identification attached to her character ‘issue-of blood’. What is your issue? You are healed in Jesus name.
After she had walked with several Apprentices, she needed the touch of a Leader, Master; the Great Physician.
“When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment. For she said, if I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up; and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague. (Mark 5:27-29).
Now who did she walk with? After 12 years of her life had been wasted, did she give up on walking? No, but something changed in her life? The first thing that changed in her life was her believe (her orientation) of looking for cure to her disease, then she decided to walk with Mr. Faith which alone produced her instant healing “And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole…” Mark 5:34a. She didn’t just believe Jesus could heal her; she took action (faith) by walking up behind him, then touches the helm of his garments (not even Jesus, his garments) which is the works of her faith. She didn’t just walk with the right state of mind but she worked with the right things at the right time, at the right place (Jesus never passed through that place again) and finally with the right Person…Jesus! Glory to God…What are you walking with? Have faith in God!
Second example, the GUYS NOW…
Abraham versus his cousin, Lot (Genesis 13:1-18)
When God ‘had’ called Abram in Genesis 12:1; to leave his nation and his people, kindred: he misinterpreted the information. When God calls a Man, significantly He (God) will mean that man, and his immediate family should first be partakers of such responsibility and if in any case there be any external family who is interested in such calling, God will either approve or disapprove. Father Abraham was totally ignorant of this knowledge has he allowed Lot his cousin (Haran his brother whose son was Lot and had who died before his Father, Terah which also is Abraham’s father); let’s take a look at this phrase made by a prophet concerning Abraham and the God’s calling in;
Isaiah 51:2 “Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him”.
The little phrase highlighted there “for I called him alone” meant that God was referring to specifically to Abraham in person including his wife and the promise child (all these put together is Abraham)…no extra luggage. Take for instance when you want to talk to your spouse (lover) and there is someone so close to you or your partner, you’ll either tell such third party to excuse you and your partner or both will excuse the third party prior the time of the intimate communication.
Abraham being a Leader to his cousin Lot was only being considerate, and Lot must have been one of those adorable orphans of the family that couldn’t have been left behind, even barren Sarai then wouldn’t agree on that account. Yet Lot identified himself to be an Apprentice under Abraham’s tutorship, he thus did learn well but not all that was essential…reading through Genesis 12 and 13,we’ll discover what he learnt how to be successful in doing business and increasing in wealth via sheep/flocks Enterprise. But what Abraham didn’t teach him was the same Lot didn’t bother to ask…“How do you hear God Uncle Abraham? What did you do to hear from God about your next move?Orwhat relationship do you have with God to warrant such intimacy?
Never be afraid to ask questions, never remain on the level of knowledge that you possess, also always have a curious pattern of thinking because your Leader at times might assume you understand everything. One typical example of this was during the ministry of Jesus while He was on Earth. At a time He spoke to the multitude in parables, and on some issues did he purposefully drop some controversial and critical judgment about their Jewish doctrine, antagonizing the Laws of Moses; obviously there was always confusion and division, not just because they lacked understanding but that they failed to ask him the right questions, with an honest motive, finding it very difficult to understand what he was saying not even his disciples. The multitude didn’t bother to ask Jesus what he meant in most cases; it is either there were astonished, amazed or marveled, then it ends there. Thank God for his disciples with a curious minded fellow like Peter who led the questioner team and always asked questions from the Lord; “Then answered Peter and said unto him, Declare unto us this parable. And Jesus said, Are ye also without understanding?” Matthew 15:15-16). At this point, Jesus thought his disciples would have understood him better but was rather disappointed at the kind of question his disciple asked him, led by Peter but he always answered their questions;
A true Leader; with a lowly, meek, and humble spirit, full of wisdom, and understanding.
Also the Pharisees, the Scribes, and Sadducees; who also asked questions to criticize his teachings (having evil motives though), through them we had answers to many deep words of our Lord Jesus Christ and keys to the mystery of the kingdom of heaven. E.g. Nicodemus John3:1-21, the Samaritan Woman by the Well of Jacob John 4:5-30, John 8:12-59.
In God’s idea, it was for Abraham and his immediate family whom He (God) had chosen to walk with to the land of promise. God knew Abraham’s tender and kind heart to help people and on that wise, leading him (Abraham) to that land will mean that there will be a sharing of the land, meaning sharing of the will of God! Our heavenly Father was concerned about who Abraham was to walk with. Whom do you walk with?
To this effect of Abraham’s illiteracy on God’s information; from Genesis 12:8-20 then Genesis 13:1-13 God decided not to give any further direction on the secret place He had promised Abraham initially, why? Because an unwanted Third party was bloodily involved, Lot! It was evident, later as Lot’s business expanded, including that of Abraham which constituted into strife amongst their business personnel or share holders because the land in which both enterprises were operating was now incapable of sustaining them, as of the fact that their business flourished in the same land with Canaanite and Perzzite Genesis 13:6-8.A Leader with the ability to think fast and through is a living and a walking solution. Such is Abraham who quickly viewed where the problem sprouted from and provided a solution. He looked at another land (the plains of Jordan); a green pasture (favorable for flocks) then he decided to separate with Lot and his people. Genesis 13:8-12.
Off course, since he-Lot, missed a class on “(HFG 101) Hearing from God”, while he was still being tutored by Abraham yet had PhD in ‘Business Entrepreneurship courses’, he chose to move away from unfavorable business environment to a non-competitive atmosphere-without having God’s opinion about the move. The answer cannot be controversial if I say he was walking with Abraham and not with the God of Abraham. Lot walked with his leader but failed to walk with the LEADER-GOD. (The land which he moved into was a land God was about to destroy, Sodom and Gomorrah. Genesis 13:10b &12)If he had enquired of the Lord, he would have made a better decision. But even Abraham wasn’t walking with God as at the time Lot was still around his axis. Not until Lot left/got separated from Abraham, then God spoke, Abraham heard and walked (Genesis 13:14-18). Since then, he moved and continued walking with the vision and instruction God gave him.

AmenRadio….Keep on Believing

BY; Adedeji Oshigbesan


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