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Budding Christian gospel singer, Jay Divine offers this heart warming declaration titled “You Never Fail” produced by Tower Beats.

Formerly known as Jamal Usman and a muslim, became a christian and gave his life to christ in 2017, an event that sparked off his commitment to singing God’s praises and goodness.

According to him, “along the line he was rejected by his family, disowned by his dad and even his close friends but in the midst of all that, he kept on believing and trusting in the Lord even when they thought he won’t go far, God never failed him.”

“This song is a message to every depressed individual out there. If you are rejected by man, God will never reject you and for every disappointment from man they always comes a blessing from God.”Jay Divine adds

This is a gratitude song of a one time unbeliever who got saved by the Grace of God.

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Lyrics: You Never Fail By Jay Divine

Small boy, Big God
Yeah yeah
Father am in love with you
I don’t think am gonna be complete without you
I cannot pretend that I don’t need you

Cos when nobody dey I know say me I get you
Thank you lord I am grateful
I celebrate you, you are faithful
I no fit count all the things wey you do for me

You broke the chains on me
You made a way for me yeah

You never fail me yet
You correct me when I go wrong, you’re my father and am your son I cannot live without you
You never fail me yet, and you never let me fall down
Na you dey make my world to dey go round, am so proud of you

You never fail me yet
No one like you and theres nothing stopping me from praising you
Lord I got you
You never fail me yet?

You never fail me and I know that you are so good thats the reason why am so gad

Verse 2:
Got to many of thee people hating but I don’t even know what I did wrong
Hoping and wishing for me to lose it but the blood is the reason I stay strong
Naso them talk say e no go better for the boy
Say all the things wey my mama dey do for me say she go regret for the boy

I was on eviction from my own house
I was persecuted for my faith and vision
I ask them say wetin I do but the only reason is bc I detest religion
I lost too many of my friends and I even lost may more for Jesus music

I was never worried, I was never sorry
But if its for the Christ then am never stopping
Where were they when I was lost
Where were they when I was broke and addicted

I was away on my own seeking a miracle but then you came and you took me along
Certainly you never fail
Now everytime wey them see me I dey sing a new song
Tell me why I no go blow

Tell me why I no go grow

(Repeat Chorus)

So glad yeh
Cos if it wasn’t for your Grace on me yeah
I would be lost no one can set me free
Lord you are great, nobody be like you
Na you dey reign, nobody reign like you (2x)

Eh eh o, yeah
When I was all alone you were there for me
You never fail, you never fail me yet

Prophet Segun Obaro you know I love you
And to my life way family you know I love you too
All of the people wey stand beside me I thank you
Mrs Racheal Usman I Love you mommy mi

If I no call you no vex o
God bless God bless you o

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