Are there Secrets You Should Never Tell Your Partner?

Relationships nowadays are not what they use to be. Before, you don’t have to merry-go-round all the various single ladies and men in town before deciding on who to have the lifelong commitment with, but now, the reverse is the case.

Most times, the events which took place in previous relationships have a way of clamping together in our minds bringing memories that might in one way or the other make us think they are hazardous to our present relationship. But really, should there be any darn at all in our relationship?

Gabriel, a marketer in one of the leading Insurance firms in Lagos said the fact that people feel it is necessary for you not to keep any secret from your partner does not mean you should not.
“Sometimes back, my girlfriend told me when and how she was deflowered and how many men she has been with…and honestly, I have never had the same regard for her ever since.”

Surprised? As honest as Gabriel’s opinion is, many people will still take a swipe at him. The lady was open to him that’s why she could have told him something as sensitive as that; and events that transpired between her and other men before Gabriel came into her life. Would we say that being open in a relationship is tantamount to being regard as less?

Clara, a businesswoman is of the opinion that there are certain things one should not tell one’s partner in lieu of peace.
“Men are of various species and you never can tell what might get at them and what won’t, so it is best to know and censor everything you want them to know about your past. When your present is clean, forgetting about the past is a great option. Don’t allow your past destroy your present.”

Amazed? It is true that you should do all you can to never let your past deny you of enjoying the present but tell me, how do you enjoy the present when you have not finished dusting the cobwebs of yesterday? How do you even forget about a past you have not come out clean to your partner on? Do you think your partner will be glad if he/she finds out on his/her own, the secret you have been shielding away from him/her?

You must however note at this point that although coming out straight to your partner about past events of your life will first feel wrong but remember “And you will know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free- JH 8: 32.” In telling the truth you give freedom to your partner who is in the bondage of ignorance while setting yourself free from the bondage and pressure of deceit; and raising a standard for SINCERITY AND OPENNESS. Trust God, you will feel better the moment you say it. There are two possible aftermaths….The first is that your partner will be overtly angry at first, then you both make up later. Second is; your partner loves, cherishes and TRUSTS you more!

So which do you think is fair for you? Loving in deceit or making bold to tell your partner everything without holding back and not minding the consequences?

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Adams Odunayo
Twitter: @mz_tush
Instagram: misstush


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