BEM SAR is a Nigerian singer/songwriter. His technique, timing and imagination have made him one of the most notable singers and guitarists now in Nigeria.

The “Yet To Be Titled” EP is a download only collection of singles off Bem Sar’s repertoire. Bem Sar is dedicating this latest release to all the survivors of recent upheavals in Nigeria and is a build up to a concert slated for late 2014.

As a collaborator Bem Sar was a facilitator on the ‘Abuja Collabo Project’ alongside 30 other musicians based in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Abuja. He has performed before 40 African Presidents at the Presidential Dinner marking the 50th anniversary of Nigeria.

“The first time I saw him perform was at the first TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) at the Silverbird plaza in Abuja” says Abdulnasir Imam of T.R.P MUZIK. “After singing a couple of songs or so, two girls behind me started shouting, ‘Something Good’. I thought they were crazy…then he performed it and I was like, ‘Oh…I get it’.”

Bem Sar favors live guitar performances uniting technique and emotion in a fusion of funk rock and chamber jazz creating a flavor of music that is very personal to him. His message driven songs inspire audiences to higher appreciations of life, love and adventure.


Lets Hear It For Nigeria ||

Suur Sha Ter Feat. Zaaki Azzay ||

Falling in love again ||

Laying Down All ||


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