Gospel Music + Lyrics: Only Have One – The McClures [Mp3 DOWNLOAD]

The McClures, Paul and Hannah, perform “Only Have One” from their album “The Way Home” live in Nashville at the Layman Drug Company Studios.

The McClures wrote “Only Have One” as a bright, lively song that addresses the current-day confusion arising in the church and social media.

Featuring a soulful organ, Hannah McClure sings “There’s no confusion/We only have one, one true love, there’s only one God,” as a declaration of the truth that never changes – Jesus is Lord.

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Lyrics: Only Have One By The McClures

Verse 1:
There’s no confusion
The darkness could never hide
Your resurrection
The power that lives inside

Verse 2:
Jesus our anthem
Our only way to truth
The gospel is freedom
We live and breathe good news

We only have one
One true love
You’ll always be enough
You will always be enough

There’s only one God
There’s only one truth
It’ll always be You
It will always be You

Verse 3:
Your arms are open
A Savior we can’t deny
Your promise is proven
The evidence is our lives

The only one over the Heavens and earth
Who was, who is, who soon will return
Jesus our King You eternally reign
We raise, we raise the highest of praise

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